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We have the right product for everyone. Be it for beginners, advanced athletes or pros. In the area of muscle increase, increase in strength, weight loss, endurance, fitness, mass increase, regeneration, cardio training…….



We help you reach your goals, including corresponding supplements. At request we also offer a nutrition plan and workout plan according to your personal needs.




Our product range includes high quality sports products for muscle increase,
for fat loss and for body building. We carry only top products at low prices of market
leaders such as e.g. AI, Advanced Muscle Science, American EFX, Brawn Nutrition,
Delta Health, DSP, Hi-Tech, Pharm-Tec., MyProtein, Training Mask …
In our shop we only offer the original products of high quality companies and
no fakes/counterfits !

You are motivated and goal oriented, however, you are stuck with your  present workout and nutrition plan, the desired training success is not being achieved ? You finally want to increase muscle, burn fat or just be fitter ? Then you are in the right place. We help you to achieve your goals, also with the corresponding supplements. At request we design a nutrition and workout plan according to your personal needs. You have questions regarding products, training and nutritional plans, usw. feel free to contact us.
Fat loss is the main goal, if weight loss is the goal, however, most times, the observance is, that everything is about weight loss without determining, whether it is a loss of fat tissue or a loss of body substance or even just a loss of water in the fat cells. Loss of fat means the reduction of the volume of the fat cells in the fat tissue of the body and is not the same as the burning of fat. The burning of fat indicates the quantity of fatty acids which were burnt for the use of energy. Here, the use of the fatburner Ephedril Forte of DSP or Yellow Bullet, Yellow Bullet Xtreme, EPH-100 of Delta Health, Fat-Burner Plus of Goldfield with quantum-efficiency would be best, just to name a few
To train comfortable with the elevation training mask The elevation training mask
is a mask out of neoprene skin. The silicone in the mouth and nose area makes the mask very comfortable to wear. By means of neoprene straps and a velcro fastener the mask
can be fixed on the head, but leave the ears free. The elevation training mask is
available in different sizes and adjust themselves perfectly to the head form.
After the workout you can simply wash the mask.

Bodytemple - online shop for sports nutrition, fitness and bodybuilding

Every time, sports and fitness, bodybuilding and wellness are involved, our name is mentioned when talking about fitness nutrition, sports nutrition and supplements: It’s called lifestyle, to workout and do something for your health. Muscle increase (with creatine) and weight loss through intense workout with weights in the gym is more and more prefered than hanging around in a bar. Meeting in the “gym” is more attractive than “in the tavern”. However, just hardcore weightlifting and similar exercises are not enough to get the shape wanted. This is nothing new to long-term workout freaks ! The same importance must be put on the right nutrition and supplements. Bodytemple offers a large range of products, the right one for everyone, to support your efforts to build muscles and/or lose weight. Great success underlines the Bodytemple-products: No dangerous stuff needed! Order now and you get products, which will help you a long time! Very important: vitamines, minerals and amino acids (pressed protein, which is easily absorbed into the blood, where it is needed). Power bars, vitamin and protein products, whose ingredients are exactly put together according to your needs. Mineral products, amino acids, hormones and also hormone-free products complete your personal, balanced fitness nutrition program. Our product range covers, i.e. Advanced Muscle Science, American EFX, Brawn Nutrition, BPS, Delta Health, Goldfield, Hi-Tech, MyProtein, Pharm-tec, PHF Supplements or DSP. Regarding further information about weight loss, protein powder, fat burner, growth hormones, muscle increase, performance increase, etc. is offered by competent online and offline advisors. The following pages in our shop present some highlights regarding our range of products. Successfully tested products*, like i.e. Red-Devil, Protostrol, Fat-Burner Plus, IGF-7Big, Ephedril Forte, Nitro-Booster, Crea-Force XL, Oxxiwin, Yellow Bullet, MSM-Plus, Tribu Stack II like Mentabolan at very favorable prices. Sensitive persons are recommended to take Zinc or Tamoxen (similar to Clomid) when using the stronger products to avoid unwanted side effects.

* All statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For adult use only. Not for use by children, teenagers, or women. Do not use this products if you have prostate problems, diabetes or heart disease. If you are under medical supervision, consult with your physician before taking these products.